What Math is Happening?

I stumbled upon some blogs doing 180 Day of Math.

I’m not that ambitious.

But I think it’s fun to document some of the math that’s happening.

Week 1 – AMDM and Algebra 1

How many different colors do we need to color a map? Other get-to-know-you-awesomeness. And building tall towers. Follow the criteria for success!

Week 2 – Algebra 1

Preassessments, set-up materials, more teambuilding, analyze a pattern and start writing about math!

Week 2 – AMDM

Find the pattern for Triangle Numbers (presented visually). Then practice writing up a problem/solution. And presenting.

P.S. I’m really glad Dan Goldner and his Pre-Calc class exist because I’m modeling my Advanced Mathematical Decision Making class off of it. I think the seniors will like the independence.


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