And now for Geometry…

Much my teaching career has been focused on algebra.  You know, the subject that most adults feel they should tell me that they hated and never use… sigh.  Well, while teaching algebra, I have always taught other things as well, this year, my primary class (in time) will be…geometry!  (But, with my residents and my work with Langer, who knows, algebra may still take most of my time…)

So now I need to think deeply about geometry.  And read many thing about this visual land of mathematics.  Hooray geometry!


But what about the year-long projects?  I truly have NO idea what a year-long project would look like in a geometry classroom.  Sure, in an algebra classroom, systems of equations are PERFECT: these problems use ALL of the objectives from the year and have multiple entry points.  But what does that look like in geometry?  

…And what about the units of study?  I have outlined some sort of thinking about that but there seem to be MANY (seemingly unrelated) topics mushed together, which didn’t particularly help my little ones last year.  Are there lovely curriculum maps that exist (and make sense)?

And focusing on the mission-driven work of community leadership and the multi-dimensions of social justice? Last year we looked at tiny houses (environment) and shipping food donations (resources for all) but all in all, the work wasn’t driven in the mission, for the most part.  Ideas of how to do this more?


Oh, I have much to read, write, and plan about… huzzah geometry!




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