Celebrate (Professional) Independence

So, it’s Independence Day here in good ol’ USA, so I figure I should write about how I use my professional independence.

Working at a pilot high school in an urban school district means I have a bit more freedom around day-to-day and unit-to-unit curriculum, while still enjoying acknowledging the accountability measures that hover overhead.  I know that other teachers are not as lucky to have such liberties in their classroom; I know because I have been one of them at a different school!   I am lucky and fortunate enough to work in a building that values teacher knowledge.  While I may grumble and gripe about the amount of planning that I end up taking part in because of these freedoms, truthfully I won’t have it any other way. 

This summer, SL and I are throwing much of what we have made over the past years out of the window to do what we feel is better for our little ones in terms of their mathematics and human development.  We didn’t need to persuade other people that this crazy idea was worthwhile.  We just decided to do it.  Believe you me, SL and I put much thought and research into our work.  We use the cycle of inquiry habitually to reflect on our practice and make improvements.  We don’t need an outside source telling us what to do on which day.  

Huzzah freedom to do our job the way that we see fit based on our knowledge and expertise!  





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