I do care (somewhat) about content …

This is just to say, that I do care about content. And that I definitely think students can learn challenging content. I just question why we chose certain specific content within mathematics to privilege and why so much math teaching privileges content over thinking, and requires students to learn a specific content skill at a specific moment in time.

But, that said, I hope our first Algebra unit next year will be Patterns (please, jk?) and that through it, we’ll do lots of content! I plan for students to study physical, visual, real world, and decontextualized linear patterns (content: slope, y-intercept, tables, graphing, substituting/evaluating, generalizing/writing equations, solving equations). I just plan that studying patterns through investigation will lead first to critical thinking and multiple representations as students figure out the patterns AND the content as students analyze and verify their thinking. Students will get to/through content their way, since with their thoughts about the patterns, they will largely be controlling where we go with some guidance from yours truly.

Then we’ll move on to more fun patterns … exponential, Squares?, Fibonacci?, Triangle numbers? Quadratics? … yes please?


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