Positive Visioning, Post-September, in this moment

When students enter the classroom Monday mornings, we have a class meeting (I’ve wanted to do this for 2 entire school years now; it’s happening). The meeting includes connections (share what you need to share to be fully present), community concerns, and community leader appreciations. A student leads this meeting.

After class meeting, there are various problems scattered around the tables so that students can choose their seats based on interest (or other creative ways to get students to choose so that groups vary).  Once students are in groups, they work on the problem alone or in pairs/triples.  I circulate and confer/push.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, students are working on finishing the formal math work and making their product (written, video, or voice-recording — what else?).  Each student must have their own product (but could have shared math work) and must demonstrate ability to explain their problem themselves.

On Thursday, we have a discussion (choose-your-mode!) or presentations, etc with carefully planned highlights/sticking points from different groups.

For the end of Thursday-Friday, student work on revisions if necessary, and then the year-long projects.

End of Friday, we have celebrations of products, thinking, and community.


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