Exhibition (Part I of …)

Kogut and I really should write about exhibition sometime.  But tonight is the night before it goes live, and I’m mostly sitting here feeling incredibly proud of my students.  Just a smattering of examples of why …

– One of my students, who is working on social skills, giving a strong exhibition to a small group of teachers this afternoon.

– My last period class asking each other questions to help each other hit criteria they may have missed during their practice.

– A student who is working on getting to school on time and thus misses math up to 1/2 of the time, keeping up with the project, becoming more engaged because we were going in depth and she can re-orient more quickly, asking thoughtful, genuine questions during practice today.

– A student seeing a video about her topic and exclaiming, “I am going to add some of what I just learned to my presentation!”

– A student, who does not often volunteer to help others, tutoring his groupmates.

– Students informing each other that they will act professional/on time/not giggle/stand tall during Exhibition, no bones about it.

None of this is surprising, but it bears mentioning, and my students are awesome people. I am glad Exhibition gives them an opportunity to shine.


(P.S. No, it’s not perfect and no, not all the presentations will knock your socks off, but that, perhaps, isn’t the point.)


One thought on “Exhibition (Part I of …)

  1. Love this! And I totally agree that having “perfect” presentations isn’t the point. It took me quite a while to realize that – I was so worried about my kids basically “embarrassing” me that I forgot about the importance of process. Basically it was shame and ego talking – on my part. So glad your students are getting so much out of this project!!!

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