What is this?

I am a fifth year high school math teacher in Boston, MA.  The entire time I have been teaching, I have been thinking about and searching for ways of teaching math that respect students’ thinking more than the traditional method of teacher-demonstration followed by student-practice.  Despite my best efforts to make that traditional method more student-driven, I have not felt successful.

So, after 5 years of thinking and trying, of reading and writing, of existential mind-scrambles, I have decided this summer to throw all my assumptions out the window, start from my own first principles of what math education should be, and create what I hope is a new kind of math classroom.  Luckily, I have an awesome colleague with whom to do this, and lots of other people to talk to about it.  I am hoping that through this blog, I can connect with a wider audience, show what works and doesn’t, hold myself accountable, and maybe meet some other people who are already doing this (are you that person? do you know them?).



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